Mobile Apps Done Right

Building a successful mobile app is a challenge. Choosing the right approach makes all the difference.

We don’t do agile. We are agile.

We focus on building and delivering small solutions you can touch from day 1, improving them consistently with each iteration. All of our processes and progress are transparent. From feature sets, to API version, to performance optimization — you always have access to the latest version and can feed back into its development.

Our tried-and-tested process provides highest quality alongside fluid development. 2-week sprints ensure small units of productivity, so we can rapidly adapt focus or iterate on product goals. We constantly test-drive our solutions to ensure exceptional code quality.

Phase 1

Kickoff & Information Architecture

All stakeholders participate in at least one product workshop to share domain knowledge, devise a product strategy, set goals, and carve out the development vision. From what we learn in this close collaboration phase, we build an information architecture, plan user flows, and create feature sets that allow us to assess feedback quickly and iterate toward the best product for your users.

Knowledge Exchange

We’re experts in mobile product development and its challenges. You’ve got the expert knowledge in your domain and an understanding of your users’ needs. Let’s share.

Building the foundation

We invest in understanding your domain because a good foundation is easy to build upon. Shared understanding, careful planning of resources, and establishing understood workflows saves our time and your money.

Working with all stakeholders on eye-level brings out the best in people and their ideas. We fuse these ideas into a crystal-clear vision — a common goal that gets everyone involved and focused.

Phase 2

Wireframes & Prototype

To move swiftly, we implement sketches and rough layout guidelines in an actual prototype. We build a click-dummy you can play around with that runs smoothly on your phone and that’s constantly updated.

Keeping track of progress

It’s all about transparency: you always see what we’re working on and watch as your app grows and progresses.

Testing before design

With the click-dummy, there’s no second guessing. Even before any visual design, we find out what works and what doesn’t and can quickly build around any issues.

Real data is the only way to find out if something works. We test the prototype with real people in your relevant focus group to make sure we add value for the user while meeting business needs.

Phase 3

QA & Polish

Before a feature is completed, we’ve already written the tests to ensure it works. We won’t send out anything that’s “good enough”. Once it works perfectly, we’ll polish and ship it.

Testing & Documentation

Building a test framework for your app is part of our process. This not only ensures good code quality but also means that anyone changing the codebase in future has the reassurance of a well-documented safety net.

Future-Proof Setup

We’re able to test every aspect of your product’s infrastructure: from API interactions, to business logic, to how it looks on all the latest mobile phones. Understanding the impact of even the smallest change to your designs or API should be an automated, painless process.

We push your app until go-live and beyond to make sure it can live up to its potential. We know the stores and the market inside-out and keep testing for the right decisions.

Phase 4

Release, Support & Maintenance

Releasing an application is just the start. We ensure that you have the tools to understand your users’ feedback, metrics to gauge your product’s success, and the ability to conduct live multivariate or A/B testing to optimise for success on the fly.

Growing Together

Started with a minimum feature set? Let’s build upon it. Have some pressing business goals? Let’s devise your mobile product strategy. Need to build a team and a product simultaneously? We’re the partners you need.

Full Service

We’re at your side with expert technical advice, industry insights, and the ability to deliver. If you’re growing your own team, we’re happy to work alongside them, establish a product framework, and step away when it’s time.

Pick your package

We love working on long-term products, but if you’re after a more rapid solution, we find these 3 basic packages are a good way to start the conversation.

Minimum Viable Product

Return Business Value

We build version 1.0: a complete app, running smoothly on all devices, with all the essential features your users need. It is on-brand, with the relevant Android or iOS guidelines in place. A perfect start to test and evaluate business decisions and see a return on investment.

Development time: ~4 months

Minimum Desirable Product

Focus on Quality

A Minimum Desirable Product is a polished application that exceeds the expectations of your users. The aim is to produce something your users love and want to share. It’s got the perfect feature set, great aesthetics and animation, and deep integration with third party services.

Development time: 5–6 months

Wow Product

Boost Your Company

A truly unique, one-of-a-kind application, designed to blow your users away. It’s ready to be featured as outstanding by any app store, guaranteeing a strong reception due to exceptional attention to every small design and development detail. This one’s going to town.

Development time: >7 months

Let’s create something amazing together

We’d love to work with you on your next project. Our ambition is sparked by bold ideas, so let’s talk about yours.