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Use cases for wearables

Daniele is the local horologist at Novoda. GDE for wearable technologies and IoT, he likes to experiment with the whole Android ecosystem, from AOSP to Google Cast and Android TV.

Android Wear 2.0 is focused on bringing standalone apps on smartwatches, but that does not invalidate the key principles that should be followed when designing wearable applications: glanceability and micro user interactions.

Glanceability is still the key when presenting data to the user in the small screen of a smartwatch. The user needs to be able to consume the key information at a glance.
At the same time, a standalone Wear version of a phone app shouldn't necessarily include all the functions and controls of the main handheld app.
Wearable applications should focus on a reduced set of actions with minimal user interaction and frustration-proof controls. Remember that the user's phone is the place for complex and long interactions.

With this in mind, we at Novoda did a small exercise: we thought about how different categories of applications could benefit from a wearable version, allowing users to access some of the main features directly from the wrist.
Here's the list, divided into different app categories:

Event venue

Real estate agency

Hotel / accommodation

Restaurant / coffee

Vending machine company

Warehouses management / cleaning

Online newspaper / magazine

Shopping centre

Smart home

More generic use cases

This is just a small example of how existing apps could benefit from having a wearable version. Do you have any idea for other interesting wearable use cases? Let me know at @danybony_ on Twitter.

A special thanks to Qi Qu for the amazing mockups!

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