Ideas for conferences to attend: What is out there?

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To predict forwards you have to look at the past. In 2017 Novoda attended over 50 conferences. What were they? Check out our list to see if you want to go next year.

Data analysis underpins a lot of what we do at Novoda. Diving into our conference and training budgets has helped us understand more about learning and developing at Novoda. We’ve been to a total of 55 events in 2017. Being able to look back at the data for the year helps us plan for next year, then maybe with a few more years under our belt, we will start to see trends developing in conference attendance.

This list is an aggregation of conferences and training that have gone on across Novoda. That's people from engineering, product, agility, operations and marketing. Everyone is encouraged to use their training budgets to learn in their field of interest, but also further afield in new technologies or areas they are less comfortable.

Attending events is a great way to solidify skills you already have but also to see areas of interest that you might not have realised exist in your field. It's also a great way to meet other people who have similar interests or can share their knowledge whilst you give yours.

Using a data-driven approach to decisions helps to make choices easier (or at least quantifiable). We hope to gather more data on our conference attendance, and we hope this list might encourage you to look further afield for conference or training events to attend.

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