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"It depends" — Google Developer Expert for Android and Identity, geek, and stuff. I have a serious thing for good design.

Retain returning users with Android’s app backup (part 2)

In the previous post we saw why one should care about backing up and restoring their apps’ data, and one possible way of doing it. In this second and last part, we’ll see an easier way to backup data, and how we can ease migrations/reinstalls even more by
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Retain returning users with Android’s app backup (part 1)

Retaining users when they migrate to a new Android device, or when they reinstall your app, can be tricky. If you don't craft a smooth experience, they might just drop your app and go to a competitor. Fortunately, Android Data Backup APIs can help! It’s autumn, it’s new
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Why Native Apps Really aren't doomed: let's talk facts

Why Native Apps Really aren't doomed: let's talk facts I've recently read a blog post by Eric Elliott. The title of that post was Why Native Apps Really are Doomed. As you can imagine from its clickbaity title, the author postulates that mobile native apps are essentially doomed to disappear
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Show us what you got in our Design competition

A great application is not just an application that has subtle but immediately recognisable branding. It’s not just an app that has a great visual design. A great app makes it easy and immediately understandable to its users, showcasing how to get the most out of it. It captures
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Deceiving dates

JodaTime is a very powerful tool in a developer's toolbelt. At Novoda, we use it in almost all of our projects as it provides a set of date and time manipulation APIs that are vastly superior to the ones provided by Java itself. While it is more intuitive and it
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Leaner APKs with asset minification

At Novoda, we always experiment new ways to improve the user experience of the apps we craft. Contrary to what one would normally believe, though, the user experience begins even before an app is installed. There are some important things to do to ensure your app is successful, starting at
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Implement good auth flows with Smart Lock for Passwords

I hope you learned a bit about using Smart Lock for Passwords, by reading the first part of this series. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how easy it is to implement. “Ile de France” by Jean Helion, from Museu Berardo You’ll need to have Play
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Login experiences that don't suck

We all loathe entering usernames and passwords into the fields, especially on mobile devices. And we all have very limited capacity of remembering a different password for each service, so we mostly end up ignoring all guidelines for secure passwords and end up using something memorable for everything. Logging into
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