Luis G. Valle (Team Lead)

@ Novoda London
Sprint Board Guardian and Project Happiness Keeper. Dog walker, husband and enthusiastic sci-fi reader.

I/O '17 - What’s new in Firebase

Great times are coming for Firebase. It was the subject of 25 talks at the recent Google I/O '17 event. So, what's new? This is a quick bullet point summary of all the new stuff already available or coming in the next few weeks: Fabric Crashlytics is going to
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Testing persistence in the Android ecosystem

Growing Object-Oriented Software: Guided by Tests is the best book I’ve ever read about testing. Because it’s not about testing. Yes, the book talks a lot about clean and readable tests. But tests are just a tool to guide you to create good object oriented software. The authors
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Refactoring: Introduce Parameter Object

˝Refactoring is a controlled technique for improving the design of an existing code base” — Martin Fowler. Discipline and methodology are critical when refactoring. We should refactor applying a series of small controlled steps. After each of these steps our tests should still be green. This way, if we break something
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