Leonie Brewin

@ Novoda Berlin
Product Design Lead

Google Playtime 2017

Google Playtime is an event organised for Google Play apps and games partners. With inspiring talks, group discussions and pre-booked one-on-ones with members of the Google team, it's an opportunity to learn about the latest Google product updates, experience new technologies and of course, play in the ball pit during
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The importance of measuring large-scale impact

The best Product Owners are those able to see the bigger picture. They analyse growing markets, identify opportunities and set the trajectory for business growth by harnessing domain knowledge to guide a successful product strategy. A good Product Owner keeps ahead of the market to deliver the right solutions at
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Adapting design sprints for continuous delivery

As an advocate of research-driven design, having the opportunity to facilitate design sprints and explore product solutions in interdisciplinary teams is a dream come true. However, making this work in a continuous development cycle, delivering client products to market on a bi-weekly basis, can be a challenge. The advantages of
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The 5 steps of better product design: 5. Measure impact

Use mobile analytics to define, collect and format live data from your application to validate your hypotheses, monitor user behaviour and measure your product’s success. This data can enable you to gather large-scale insights into how your products are being used, which can be viewed alongside qualitative research to
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The 5 steps of better product design: 4. Visual & motion design

So, you've tested your prototype with users and it's working well. What next? Now it's time to develop the visual design and take time to focus on the intricacies of user interaction. This is step 4 in a 5-piece series exploring product design best practices. This week, we'll be considering
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The 5 steps of better product design: 3. Prototype & test

This week, we’re looking at how we can use prototyping and usability testing to bring our ideas to life and assess their validity with users. Prototyping allows us to quickly build on ideas generated in the ideation stage and observe how customers interact with them. Using a range of
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The 5 steps of better product design: 2. Ideate

This is part two in our product design series exploring the phases of digital product design from initial understanding to final delivery. This week, we’re looking at the Ideation phase where cross-discipline teams work together to generate a wide range of ideas and solutions to form the basis of
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The 5 steps of better product design: 1. Understand

This series will cover all phases of product design from initial business understanding and customer research, ideation, prototyping and testing through to product delivery and analysis. If you want to create valuable, profitable products that have significant business impact, then you may find this series useful. This week, we’re
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Demystifying the role of a product designer

The role of a product designer has developed hugely over the years and the scope of what we do has broadened dramatically. We’re now responsible not just for aesthetics and interaction but the overall user experience and potential success of our products. Our roles have naturally developed to be
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