Paul Blundell (Software Crafter)

@ Novoda Liverpool
Likes to Android with the aim of making that million dollar app one day; retiring to a beach of his choice. For now writes blog posts to hopefully enlighten others & gain some feeling of self worth.

Testing Android Things - IoT meets Java

Google has just announced the amazing Android Things. This gives the Internet of Things (IoT) a real jump start with the availability of the Android ecosystem and all the open source code and ready to use libraries that go with it. You'll want to start creating an IoT Android Things
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CleanCoders - Mobile App Case Study Review

Learning is hard and comes in many forms. I have recently finished watching "Mobile Development with Swift" an online ~10 hour video series by Robert C Martin of the Clean Coders website. It aims to teach you about mobile development, test driven development and clean code. What did I learn?
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Swanseacon 2016 : An agile software craftsman's view

SwanseaCon is billed as "a technical event for Software Developers, Software Architects, Project Managers, Analysts and Consultants." I fit in there somewhere so I decided to go! Here I want to share some thoughts on the event and the talks, to inspire you to learn more or even to turn
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Designing something S.O.L.I.D

Novoda is an advocate for clean code and actively using pair-programming, collaboration and code reviews. The SOLID principles are fundamental to explaining a part of what clean code is, but sometimes explaining what SOLID means is a task in itself. This blog posts shows how we tried to re-examine SOLID
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Clean Code: Java Class Fields

Keeping your code clean is no easy task. Clean code allows your project to pass the test of time. It can be broken down into making your code simple to read, write, and understand. This post will explain how you can clean up your class fields to move towards a
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5 tools for a remote Android developers toolchest

A poor developer always blames their tools. Well, let’s talk about the best tools for remote work so you can't blame them! This blog post outlines 5 tools that come in handy when you don't work in the same physical space as your co-workers. There are three types of
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Top 3 Android Studio Shortcuts - Paul

Everyone likes to increase their productivity and everyone has their own favourite productivity hacks, but not everyone agrees! In this blog, Paul will talk about his top three Android Studio shortcuts and how they're better than the rest. Goto Next Error F2 Pressing F2 will move the cursor to the
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Five reasons why Android developers should start developing for the internet of things

The “internet of things” (IoT) is simple: everyday objects that have internet connectivity and sensors that can gather, transmit and receive information. But why does this ubiquitous functionality affect you as an Android developer? Just as smartphones are being built with more and more sensors - for everything like movement,
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This one simple change for better class naming will blow your mind

Single Responsibility, Beware the Share, Boyscout Rule. These are some conventions that guide good practice in software development and I believe naming can benefit from these ideas and other practices. This blog post will discuss class naming using Model View Presenter as the example and show you one change you
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