Ambitious product engineering

Novoda crafts successful Android and iOS software that delights your customers and outperforms your competition.

What we do

Android, iOS and beyond

We partner with established brands and innovative startups to build beautiful cross-platform solutions and consult you in all things AOSP and B2B software.

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How we work

Driven by engineers

We craft apps by harnessing the power of feature teams and working as a part of your organisation. Our iterative approach brings faster, more reliable results.

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Where we are

Always near you

From London, Berlin, New York, Liverpool, and Barcelona we’re spreading our mobile-first approach and expertise to help our partners be the best on the market.

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We’re your partner for turning bold ideas into excellent, brand-focused user experiences. With our expertise in software craftsmanship we build today’s most complex and refined apps.

Trust is a must

Honesty and a focus on excellence make the best partnerships. Our magnificent long-term partners trust us to build the most desirous mobile software with them.

Meet us at Droidcon or Londroid

In software development, community is king. By organizing Europe’s most renowned Android conferences in UK, France, and Germany, we try to foster an exchange of ideas and a collective effort for building better software. novoda also helps developers and designers learn from each other in Android User Groups, in London, Berlin, and Paris. Let’s meet and improve software together.